SEA PLANKTON FOUND ON HULL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION No one can explain how it got there, as these life forms are not present at the launch point. The only explanation offered is that perhaps they floated up from the ocean 2oo miles below, something that does not sound very likely. Or, perhaps … Continue reading LIVE OCEAN PLANKTON FOUND ON EXTERIOR OF INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION


Kenneth Harper Finton

Born AprilUnknown 26, 1785,  John James Audubon was birthed in what is now Haiti on his father’s sugar plantation. His birth name was Jean-Jaques, named after his father Jean who was a French privateer, commonly known as pirates. His father had the rank of Lieutenant in the French navy and his mother was a 27-year-old chambermaid from Les Touches, Brittany. His mother’s name was Jeanne Rabines and lived as a mistress with his father, Jean. She got a tropical disease and died on the island when her son wad just a few months old.

Audubon grew up in France, but when he was 18 his father got him a false passport to escape the Napoleonic wars and the family moved to America. After the death of his mistress, his father had a number of children of mixed race with several native women. In 1789 his father sold part of his…

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