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Lest we forget, we are the survivors.

We did not die horribly that sad September day.

This song celebrates us, the survivors, while remembering

those who perished in such a horrid manner.

WE THE LIVING (words and music by Kenneth Harper Finton) © 2007 HT MUSIC

On a clear September morning, it happened without warning:

two flights left from Boston to Los Angeles on time,

It was so unexpected; both planes were redirected.

The skyjackers had gained control; death was their unspoken goal.

The passengers would never know … never would know why.

So here’s to the living, for the dead will never know.

We, we the living, are left to choose the road.

And here’s to the safety of the world they left behind …

and here’s to the making of a better world in time.

In that most fatal hour, both planes hit the twin towers,

Where fifty thousand…

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