The Truth About Bottled Water by ARJUN WALIA Bottled water is one of the greatest marketing scams of the modern age. Take PepsiCo’s Aquafina brand, for example. Just by including a picture of mountains on the label, we are led to believe that this water originates from a natural drinking source. It’s essentially the same tactic that is used by several companies who bottle … Continue reading The Truth About Bottled Water


SOURCE: THE WIKIPEDIA Colette was 67 years old at the fall of France, and remained in Paris, in her apartment in the Palais Royal. Her husband Maurice Goudeket, a Jew, was arrested by the Gestapo in December 1941, and although he was released after a few months through the intervention of the French wife of … Continue reading COLETTE

One dead, seven arrested amid refuge occupation

OREGON STANDOFF  By The Associated Press  Ammon Bundy and brother Ryan were arrested during a traffic stop along U.S. 395 in Oregon on Tuesday.    The FBI and Oregon State Police on Tuesday arrested the leaders of an armed group that has occupied a national wildlife refuge for the past three weeks, conducting a traffic stop that … Continue reading One dead, seven arrested amid refuge occupation

QUOTING CARL JUNG According to “Carl Jung was one of the creators of modern depth psychology, which seeks to facilitate a conversation with the unconscious energies which move through each of us. He contributed many ideas which continue to inform contemporary life: complex, archetype, persona, shadow, anima and animus, personality typology, dream interpretation, individuation, and many other ideas. He had … Continue reading QUOTING CARL JUNG

THE MYSTERY OF FOWLERS HILL Take a boy of ten, a pleasant, smudge-faced little boy with dangling arms and freckles spotted rampant on his nose. He is wearing a red and white striped polo shirt––cool enough to eat. Then take a lonely old house on a windswept hill that looks down upon the main street of a small Ohio … Continue reading THE MYSTERY OF FOWLERS HILL

HUNGARIANS FIGHT FOR FREEDOM Viktor Orban’s government is seeking broad powers to deal with ‘terror threat situations’ in Hungary. Photograph: Jure Makovec/AFP/Getty Images Hundreds of people have rallied in Budapest against government plans to bring in anti-terror measures including restrictions on the internet and curfews. “The plan would put an end to democracy once and for all,” protest … Continue reading HUNGARIANS FIGHT FOR FREEDOM

OUR TOWN, Thornton Wilder Friday, Jan. 22, 2016 It was on this day in 1938 that Thornton Wilder's (books by this author) play Our Town was premiered at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, New Jersey. Our Town is about the fictional town of Grover's Corners, New Hampshire. In the first act, Emily Webb and George Gibbs are children together; in the second act, they … Continue reading OUR TOWN, Thornton Wilder