Programme of the NSDAP, 24 February 1920The 25 points of the NSDAP Program were composed by Adolf Hitler and Anton Drexler. They were publically presented on 24 February 1920 "to a crowd of almost two thousand and every single point was accepted amid jubilant approval." (Mein Kampf, Volume II, Chapter I) Hitler explained their purpose in … Continue reading HITLER’S 25 POINT PROGRAM


https://theconversation.com/normalizing-fascists-69613?xid=PS_smithsonian December 11, 2016 10.41pm EST by John Broich Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University How to report on a fascist? How to cover the rise of a political leader who’s left a paper trail of anti-constitutionalism, racism and the encouragement of violence? Does the press take the position that its subject acts outside the … Continue reading NORMALIZING FASCISTS