Report: Plan To Force God Into Public Schools Released February 17, 2017 by Michael Stone New Education Reform Report written for the Trump administration would put the Christian God in public schools. An alarming report, written by a Christian conservative group with ties to Education Secretary Betsy Devos, plans for the promotion of Christianity in … Continue reading ENDING THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION

Men In Pakistan Encouraged To “Lightly Beat” Their Wives

by Ally Hickson, May 30, 2016 A constitutional body in Pakistan put forth legislation that would allow men to "lightly beat" their wives if they refuse sex or decline to wear outfits preferred by their husbands, reports NBC News. The Council of Islamic Ideology, also known as CII, proposed the legislation last week and it's already sparked … Continue reading Men In Pakistan Encouraged To “Lightly Beat” Their Wives


http://www.alternet.org/belief/eminent-biologist-religion-should-be-eliminated-sake-human-progress Eminent Biologist: Religion Should Be Eliminated for the 'Sake of Human Progress' Biologist E. O. Wilson, who is known as the “the father of sociobiology,” said recently that the Earth was suffering “the death of a thousand cuts” because of religion. In the most recent issue of New Scientist, Wilson explained that his next book … Continue reading ELIMINATE RELIGION?