Dear Kenneth, Today, the US Fish & Wildlife Service finalized key measures designed to protect African lions. Share the good news (or forward this email to your friends)! Lions in central and western Africa will be granted "endangered" status, while the healthier populations in southern and eastern Africa will be labeled as "threatened."1 Both listings come … Continue reading LIONS NOW BETTER PROTECTED

The Secret To Staying Healthy: The Lymphatic System

October 7, 2015 by Jessica Let’s talk about the sewer system of your body. Did you know the lymphatic system circulates, cleans, and filters all the leftover blood in the body? Surprisingly, there are three times more lymph than blood in the body. It is far too important not to educate people about this before society’s toxic, consumeristic products overwhelm our most important detoxification system. The gut contains … Continue reading The Secret To Staying Healthy: The Lymphatic System

How I stopped worrying & learned to love the Gay Bomb

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Gay Bomb

“In the mid-1990s, the US Air Force considered investing $7.5 million in the development of a ‘Gay Bomb’—a chemical weapon designed to alter the enemy’s sexual orientation. When out-and-proud comedian Tom Ballard saw this story being referenced on one of his favourite TV shows, he thought it was hilarious. When he found out that it actually happened, he was gobsmacked. So Tom decides to do some digging… and finds out a lot more than he bargained for. After finally receiving security clearance from the very highest echelons of the American military, he can now officially bring you this unbelievable story: a story of political intrigue, secrets, betrayal, death and sex; a story that proves once and for all that truth is always stranger than fiction.”

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Play the cards you get, my friend

Homo est Machina


Play the cards you get, my friend.
Play the cards to the very end.
Play them uncomplainingly.
Play them freely, willingly.
Though the stakes may not be worth the winning,
Every day can be a new beginning.
Play the hand you have been dealt,
No matter what your heart has felt.
And if the game may not be worth the while,
face every moment with a smile.
Play the cards you get, my friend.
Play them bravely to the end.

*Painting “The Card Players” by  Paul Cezanne, 1893.

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Marijuana has huge influence on tourism  A new study shows cannabis is a growing motivator for visitors.  By Jason Blevins    The Denver Post     Marijuana businesses have long proclaimed that cannabis is drawing visitors to Colorado. Now they have proof.    A study commissioned by the Colorado Tourism Office and presented to the office’s board of directors on Wednesday … Continue reading POT IN COLORADO