Dear Kenneth,

Today, the US Fish & Wildlife Service finalized key measures designed to protect African lions. Share the good news (or forward this email to your friends)!

Lions in central and western Africa will be granted “endangered” status, while the healthier populations in southern and eastern Africa will be labeled as “threatened.”1

Both listings come with additional protections from trophy hunters, who will find it much more difficult to import their hunting trophies into the states. Over the past decade, hunters have imported 5,600 lion trophies back into the United States.2

Several years ago a group of conservation organizations sued the federal government to protect African lions under the Endangered Species Act. This is their victory, but it’s also yours:

When Cecil the Lion was killed by an American hunter, the public outcry was deafening. In response to Cecil’s untimely death, you and almost 28,000 SierraRise supporters stood up and demanded the Fish & Wildlife Service finalize its African lion protections. Together, we forced the government to act.

Share the good news with all your friends. Everyone needs to hear how the public uproar over Cecil the Lion led to real protections for this treasured species. We have shown it’s possible for citizens across the nation to make a difference for animals overseas. Thanks for being there with us.

In it together,

Alexander Rony





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