The problem with Trump as CEO of America: Government is not a business By Fareed Zakaria Opinion writer May 5 At the heart of Donald Trump’s appeal is his fame as a successful businessman. It’s why most of his supporters don’t worry about his political views or his crude rhetoric and behavior. He’s a great chief executive and will get things done. No one believes this more than Trump himself, … Continue reading The problem with Trump as CEO of America: Government is not a business


Kinetic Wave Power Station A report about the recent development in Danish wave energy concepts: Download The Wavestar vision is about more than just building a machine. In fact, it’s about more than wave energy. We want to change the entire world’s mindset about how we produce clean energy. Here’s the plan to … Continue reading ELECTRICITY FROM WAVE POWER

How American tipping grew out of racism   In the US, restaurant servers work under a very different pay system than most people. Beyond a small hourly rate, their employers don’t pay their wages—customers do. Essentially, these workers have dozens of different bosses each day that individually decide how they should be compensated. And there’s not even a requirement, beyond social … Continue reading How American tipping grew out of racism


The Venus Project - Global Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago This documentary details the root causes of the systemic value disorders and detrimental symptoms caused by our current established system. This video presentation advocates a new socio-economic system, which is updated to present-day knowledge, featuring the life-long work of Social Engineer, Futurist, Inventor and Industrial Designer … Continue reading PARADISE OR OBLIVION


Day in court put on hold  Tax code challenges could set precedent for pot businesses.  By Alicia Wallace    The Denver Post     The operators of a now-defunct Denver dispensary who are challenging the IRS on a tax code that views marijuana businesses as illegal operations, and thus ineligible to claim otherwise deductible expenses, will have to wait … Continue reading COLORADO POT SHOPS CANNOT DEDUCT BUSINESS EXPENSES?

GUIDE TO BITCOIN theSKIMM’S GUIDE TO BITCOIN THE STORY Bitcoin is still a thing -- a thing people are confused by. Turns out being a currency that could change the future of payments isn’t easy. WHAT IS BITCOIN? A digital currency. But unlike Visa or PayPal, there’s no centralized operationheading it up. Meaning no bank CEO and no issuing authority (think: … Continue reading GUIDE TO BITCOIN