Largest ice sheet melting from below By Chris Mooney The Washington Post Scientists at institutions in the United States and Australia on Friday published a set of unprecedented ocean observations near the largest glacier of the largest ice sheet in the world: Totten glacier, East Antarctica. And the result was a troubling confirmation of what … Continue reading ANTARTIC ICE SHEET MELTING FROM BELOW

Al Gore meets with Donald Trump

  Al Gore just had ‘an extremely interesting conversation’ with Trump on climate change By Juliet Eilperin and Jenna Johnson December 5 at 4:07 PM Al Gore meets with Donald Trump As Donald Trump continues to indicate that he might be willing to change his position on climate change, which he has long called a “hoax,” the president-elect met Monday … Continue reading Al Gore meets with Donald Trump

CLEAN ENERGY WON’T SAVE US Only a new economic system can save us.  ‘That 30% chunk of greenhouse gases that comes from non-fossil fuel sources isn’t static. It is adding more to the atmosphere each year.’ Photograph: Ashley Cooper/Global Warming Images/Alamy   By Jason Hickel Friday 15 July 2016 07.00 EDTLast modified on Friday 15 July 2016 07.01 EDT It’s time to pour our … Continue reading CLEAN ENERGY WON’T SAVE US


DRILLING IN THE ARCTIC Response from President Barack Obama The White House, Washington Dear Kenneth: Thank you for writing. The Arctic is a unique and fragile environment where the ocean sustains both people and wildlife, and I have acted to protect some of its most important areas. I have made Alaska’s Bristol Bay off-limits to … Continue reading DRILLING IN THE ARCTIC BY PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA

Self-Healing Concrete Concrete often develops micro-cracks during the construction process, explains Jonkers. These tiny cracks don’t immediately affect the building’s structural integrity, but they can lead to leakage problems. Leakage can eventually corrode the concrete’s steel reinforcements, which can ultimately cause a collapse. Concrete production accounts for a massive 5 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, and global demand … Continue reading Self-Healing Concrete