Brief note: I had both an uncle and an aunt who died quite cruelly with this  horrible disease that Stephen has. It is nothing less that a miracle that Hawking has been able to live with ALS for 50 years and is still creating ideas and works of great importance. Today is the birthday of British physicist Stephen … Continue reading STEPHEN HAWKING

Antimatter, the discovery in 1932

Physicists began speculating in the late 19th century that there may exist particles and matter that are exact opposites of the matter that surrounds us, mirror-image anti-atoms and perhaps even whole anti-solar systems where matter and antimatter might meet and annihilate one another. But on this day in 1932, American physicist Carl Anderson discovered the first … Continue reading Antimatter, the discovery in 1932

ANOTHER EXPERIMENT CONFIRMS OBSERVER IS ESSENTIAL TO REALITY The bizarre nature of reality as laid out by quantum theory has survived another test, with scientists performing a famous experiment and proving that reality does not exist until it is measured. Physicists have conducted John Wheeler's delayed-choice thought experiment, which involves a moving object that is given the choice to act like a … Continue reading ANOTHER EXPERIMENT CONFIRMS OBSERVER IS ESSENTIAL TO REALITY