The Goree Girls: The Story Behind the Best Prison Band in Texas History BY BOBBIE JEAN SAWYER 6 MONTHS Photobucket/Blulyzrd In the 1940s, the Goree All Girl String Band was one of the most popular all-female country and western groups in America. The eight-piece band was flooded with fan letters filled with breathless admiration and marriage proposals. … Continue reading THE GOREE GIRLS

Shine On, Harvest Moon

"Shine on, Harvest Moon" is a popular early-1900s song credited to the married vaudeville team Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth. It was one of a series of Moon-related Tin Pan Alley songs of the era. The song was debuted by Bayes and Norworth in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1908 to great acclaim. It became a pop standard and continues to be performed and recorded even in … Continue reading Shine On, Harvest Moon

BLESSING OF NATURE   Blessing of Nature  Olga PodluzhnayaIgazi misztikus Khomus-Transz! Olga Podluzhnaya Uutai Live Concert Olga is a virtuoso on the jaw harp. Contact her: Olga Podluzhnaya, an expert performer on the xomus (or "khomus"), a traditional jaw harp. Having passed through a classical musical education while young, Podluzhnaya started to attend xomus lessons. … Continue reading BLESSING OF NATURE