How Cannabis Kills Cancer

Not the THC that makes you high, but the other cannabinoids kill cancer cells. You cannot get the effect from smoking, which kills from the heat.

CB2 Receptors act like a target for cannabinoids. Once they bind to the receptor they tell the cancer cell to die, to commit suicide. Cannabis can be used as an anti-cancer medicine.

For additional evidence for the anti-cancer properties of cancer, go to the first-hand abstracts either through our site: the National Library of Medicine:

One thought on “How Cannabis Kills Cancer

  1. This is the third major cancer cure this year that has been suppressed in the news for years. Austrailian scientists cured brain cancer with polio virus in DNA, Cuban scientists developred and used a vaccine against lung cancer 10 years ago, and cannabis receptors in the organs and immune centers attract and receive instruction from certain cannaboids to attack and destroy cancer cells.


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