You will find thousands of videos of those paid to be our protectors and public servants beating women, blacks, whites, people in wheelchairs, kicking women, beating people senseless in jails. You will also find people saying that cops have a hard, unrewarding job and should be respected for their service.

Yes, it is true that we need special people for protection, but the problem here is that we have hired people unfit for that job. De-escalating volatile situations should be the prime objective of law enforcement, yet it is not that way.

This confuses us, as many are beginning to believe that the entire system needs to fall to correct faults that can be surely be corrected with a  more care in hiring law enforcement personnel.

We need to weed out these bad cops and develop screening tests that must be passed before the badges, the guns and the nightsticks are handed out. Surely, we are capable of correcting this as a society.

How do we do this? Only by raising our voices, taking videos of traffic stops, demanding cameras in jail cells can we make a difference. As usual, it is up to you and I as individuals to right these wrongs and change for the better. We have much work to do. We need to do it.

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