Vast Underwater Ocean Trapped Beneath Earth’s Crust

By Jenna Iacurci Jun 13, 2014 11:33 AM EDT Scientists have discovered evidence of a vast water reservoir trapped hundreds of miles beneath the surface, capable of filling Earth's oceans three times over. Located 400 miles (660 km) beneath Earth's crust, this body of water is locked up in a blue mineral called ringwoodite that lies … Continue reading Vast Underwater Ocean Trapped Beneath Earth’s Crust


Dow’s toxic Enlist Duo pesticide just got the green light in 34 states.   Scott Pruitt and the Environmental Protection Agency are putting corporate interests ahead of people’s health and the health of our planet. Now, we’re taking them to court. Dow AgroScience’s Enlist Duo is a highly toxic pesticide with extremely adverse effects on … Continue reading DOW’S TOXINS GET GREEN LIGHT


Glyphosate, the ingredient in Monsanto's ROUNDUP weed killer, is a known carcinogen is now in organic foods, honey and things we eat daily. Human health begins at really low levels of exposure – at only 0.1 ppb of glyphosate. Here is why we all should be concerned about eating glyphosate. Independent research links glyphosate to cancer (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and it … Continue reading MONSANTO’S ROUNDUP INGREDIENT FOUND IN FOODS WE EAT EVERY DAY

CLEAN ENERGY WON’T SAVE US Only a new economic system can save us.  ‘That 30% chunk of greenhouse gases that comes from non-fossil fuel sources isn’t static. It is adding more to the atmosphere each year.’ Photograph: Ashley Cooper/Global Warming Images/Alamy   By Jason Hickel Friday 15 July 2016 07.00 EDTLast modified on Friday 15 July 2016 07.01 EDT It’s time to pour our … Continue reading CLEAN ENERGY WON’T SAVE US


Kinetic Wave Power Station A report about the recent development in Danish wave energy concepts: Download The Wavestar vision is about more than just building a machine. In fact, it’s about more than wave energy. We want to change the entire world’s mindset about how we produce clean energy. Here’s the plan to … Continue reading ELECTRICITY FROM WAVE POWER

Pervasive WiFi Waves Imagined

source Photographs have recently surfaced on the web that attempts to demonstrate what WiFi actually looks like. The photographs were created by PhD student Luis Hernan. Hernan designed a specific system that scans for wireless networks, creating images where the different signal strengths can be seen using colored LED lights. The red colors indicate high … Continue reading Pervasive WiFi Waves Imagined

Carbon Monoxide May Signal Earthquake

  BREAKING NEWS: MAJOR ERUPTION OF CARBON MONOXIDE ON THE WEST COAST   Carbon monoxide may signal earthquake   Earth emits a burst of carbon monoxide (CO) a few days before an earthquake, according to geophysicist Ramesh Singh. He and co-workers from France and the United States report that this gas … Continue reading Carbon Monoxide May Signal Earthquake

7 Ways to Better Listen to Your Intuition Elizabeth Renter, | Have you ever been in a situation where your “gut feeling” told you one thing, but your rational mind said another? If you went with your brain rather than your intuition, there’s a good chance you ended up regretting your decision. Your intuition is the subconscious leader that many people fail to give proper respect … Continue reading 7 Ways to Better Listen to Your Intuition