The Wampanoag Side of the First Thanksgiving Story

From the Native perspective: The true story of Thanksgiving Michelle Tirado • November 23, 2011 Too often the story of the 1621 Thanksgiving is told from the Pilgrims’ point of view, and when the Wampanoag, who partook in this feast too, are included, it is usually in a brief or distorted way. In search … Continue reading The Wampanoag Side of the First Thanksgiving Story

Katherine Stinson: Her Story

  Before there was Amelia Earhardt there was Katherine Stinson. A decade after the Wright Brothers lifted off the ground, Katherine Stinson achieved the unthinkable in a male-dominated field: she learned how to fly! This is the inspirational story of a brave, talented, young woman who fought for what she believed in -- that she … Continue reading Katherine Stinson: Her Story


People report a release of stress from watching these dermatology videos that include blackhead removal and pimple popping.  See for yourself. by Bobby Doherty Two years ago, Dr. Sandra Lee, a dermatologist in Southern California, opened an Instagram account. She viewed it as an experiment; the surface of the internet was riddled with unseen … Continue reading DR. PIMPLE POPPER