Stories Behind A Christmas Story: A Review of Jean Shepherd’s In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash

Fourth and Sycamore

A small kid bundled so thickly in winter clothing that he has to waddle with his arms outstretched.

Red-Ryder BB guns that will shoot your eye out.

That “major award” leg lamp.

shepherdA Christmas Story.  I don’t have an actual childhood memory of watching the movie, but I’ve understood for years that it was quite dear to people’s hearts. My older sister, when recounting the day when I was 4 and I fell/she pushed me down the stairs (depending, of course, on whom you ask), will tell people I looked like “that kid from that Christmas movie, all bundled up in his clothes, so much that he couldn’t put his arms down,” and people instantly know what she’s talking about and lose themselves in sharing their favorite scenes.  The movie that has become holiday tradition for many was created by Jean Shepherd, based in part on the entertaining book In God…

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