DOSSIER PROVING TO BE RIGHT: Rachel Maddow takes the lead in the investigation of the Russian Connections as Congress defaults. By Steve Benen The first real sign of trouble came last summer, when Republican officials were putting together the party platform at their national convention in Cleveland. As regular readers know, when … Continue reading TRUMP’S RUSSIAN SCANDAL

The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America ELECTION 2016 In deep-red white America, the white Christian God is king. By Forsetti's Justice   As the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump is being sorted out, a common theme keeps cropping up from all sides: "Democrats failed to understand white, working-class, fly-over America.” Trump supporters are saying this. Progressive pundits are saying … Continue reading The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America


(ANTIMEDIA) It seems Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former comments claiming the enforcement of federal marijuana rules is a “strain on federal resources” have been completely forgotten. The former Alabama senator showed his true colors on this issue during a recent exchange with reporters, and we now know his office is “going to look” at cases in some states … Continue reading JEFF SESSIONS’ WAR ON WEED

SENIOR NATIONAL SECURITY OFFICIAL RANTS ABOUT NUCLEAR ATTACKS by Peter Maass 2/16/27 Michael Anton (born 1970) is a conservative intellectual and seniornational security official in the Trump administration. He is best knownfor his pseudonymous essays written during the 2016 Presidentialcampaign, mainly pro-Trumpism "The Flight 93 Election", which compared conservatives letting Hillary Clinton win with passengers not charging the cockpit of the Al Qaeda-hijacked flight. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]  Anton was named Deputy Assistant to the … Continue reading SENIOR NATIONAL SECURITY OFFICIAL RANTS ABOUT NUCLEAR ATTACKS

WHAT CONGRESS DID WHILE TRUMP DISTRACTED US February 14, 2017 at 2:55 pm—Written by Sarah Cronin 1. A House Panel Voted to Terminate the Election Assistance Commission The House Administration Committee voted 6-3 in favor Republican Congressman Gregg Harper’s billto terminate the Election Assistance Commission. The EAC, which was created in response to the contentious 2000 Florida election results as part of the … Continue reading WHAT CONGRESS DID WHILE TRUMP DISTRACTED US

NORMALIZING FASCISTS December 11, 2016 10.41pm EST by John Broich Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University How to report on a fascist? How to cover the rise of a political leader who’s left a paper trail of anti-constitutionalism, racism and the encouragement of violence? Does the press take the position that its subject acts outside the … Continue reading NORMALIZING FASCISTS